"On My Block" Needs to be On Your List

So you mean to tell me that you've been hearing all this hype about On My Block, and you STILL haven't watched it yet?!?!

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Drop whatever you’re doing, log onto someone’s Netflix account, and play that first episode. RIGHT. NOW. This coming-of-age comedy will make you feel all the emotions but the main ones you’ll be feeling are humor, anger, and sadness. The show's phenomenal soundtrack will only exacerbate those feelings, trust me (I currently have Parachute by AM!R playing on a loop). Each song fits the corresponding scene perfectly and adds more depth.

If you haven't heard about it, this show follows four friends as they start high school & navigate life together. I’ll be honest and admit that I got really nostalgic for my high school days watching this show. It’s so relatable even if you’re not from the gritty inner city of South Central Los Angeles or haven’t lived in the same neighborhood all your life. The show covers serious issues such as gang life & the emotional struggles of families that get torn apart by deportation. It also touches on more light-hearted antics such as a treasure hunt, the first high school dance, and duplicitous football schemes.

No two characters are alike. Everyone has their own unique personality and drive. The actors do a wonderful job disappearing into their characters and making us love them (or be deeply annoyed by them). I guarantee that you will laugh in every episode. Some jokes will sneak up on you and others will make you cry laughing. The jokes are witty and always executed perfectly by the actors.

Case in point:

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I can’t say much more without potentially spoiling some stuff so do yourself a favor and check out that first episode on Netflix and send me a Thank You DM later.

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