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Hot Take: Music is more than just sounds for TikTok

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Let me explain. Social media is a way for people to connect and share their interests on the worldwide web. TikTok gained massive success and doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. It has done an exponential job showcasing creativity like dance, music, art, books, makeup, fashion, etc. The audio is the main thing that grabs people’s attention. As catchy as some songs are and are perfect for the app, I don’t want the music industry to just be TikTok-based.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see that many people are bringing back classic songs into the limelight again. It’s good to see the music industry is going into the digital aspect of things and are expanding the way they can help promote the new and upcoming artist.

Yet a song shouldn’t have to be made to entertain the TikTok crowd. Music will sound the same if that’s the mindset people have. Most of us barely listen to the radio because of the constant repetition of the same songs, so why would we want to be listening to “TikTok music” all the time. What makes music beautiful is that there is a connection that brings you to it. If it all starts to sound the same, that connection can shatter. If an artist can’t make the music they want to do and their label tells them to just make music for the “TikTok crowd,” the music won’t feel right. You can’t have an album dedicated for the “TikTok crowd” and guarantee that it’ll be a hit because I don’t think nobody wants to hear the same thing repeatedly. You want to relate and connect with the artist’s music. You want to hear THEM.

An interview with Silk Sonic with Apple Music pointed out that people were hesitant with Silk Sonic’s first single “Leave the Door Open.” Bruno Mars said to Ebro Darden, “you know the business of radio.” Mars goes on to elaborate that they want an up-tempo to give the people something to dance to as this TikTok thing is blowing up. Mars goes on to say that he and Anderson. Paak comes from a school of performing and live instruments and they made the music that felt right to them. Another Apple interview with Adele showcased the importance of making music for them and their peers. “If everyone is making music for the TikTok, who’s making the music for my generation,” said Adele. She said that she will gladly do that job as she’s more concerned about how her album “30” will help them.

Music is beautiful and unique. That’s why it is what it is. Helping music grow in new ways is good, that’s what is good about social media platforms like TikTok. Trying to limit an artist’s craft to appeal to a certain trend or crowd isn’t. TikTok should not be the standard for music.

Chelsea Alexandra Marino is a senior at Florida International University, majoring in journalism. She is also pursuing a certificate in music business. Her passions include music, soccer, video games, and Marvel movies.
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