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Mules: Creature Of A Shoe

When we hear “Mules” we might think of the hybrid animal of a donkey and a horse because yes. That’s exactly where this creature of a shoe came from. A combination of a high heel and an open back to resemble a slipper. Mules have been around longer than we all think! Although the animal Mule isn’t as popular, the shoe has self-generated through the years from History to Hollywood women. It all started way back when Mules were a popular indoor shoe in the 18th century and throughout the 20th century. Mules had a poor reputation for being a shoe that women with no class would wear, until Marilyn Monroe popularized the shoe and helped it break free from its negative connotations. So, thank you Marilyn for breaking all fashion standards!


Mules are a fashion icon and if you can snag a pair, do it! We are all familiar with this shoe becoming a great accessory this spring and summer. Designers like Miu Miu, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton have all showcased their beautiful style of shoes in their latest collections. Obviously not every college girl can get the designer shoe we see celebrities wearing but there are places where you can get some Mule dupes for the low and still rock your outfit.

Forever 21 has an array of mule dupes, from heeled mules to mule slippers. Usually these shoes don’t go any higher than forty dollars. HELLO! Cute shoes and a bargain? Count me in!

Nordstrom Rack is one of those stores you can’t help but browse through, just incase you miss out on a great buy! I am a huge Nordstrom lover, but sometimes the college girl budget doesn’t allow us to go and splurge, therefore Nordstrom Rack is the best option. They have great markdowns and out of season items from Nordstrom, so the Mules are sold for a fairly good price and are usually brand-names.

Online Stores can bring you lots of luck when it comes to shopping for the right shoe. Since we are looking for mules for a lower price and they are so popular we can run into the problem of the store not having our shoe size. Oh, how I hate that! I have such a common shoe size… 7.5. So, for women like me, online shopping does wonders. Here are a couple of my favorite online stores that you can find great bargains for these mules: Lulus, Showpo, Lola Shoetique. All amazing websites for those trendy shoes we all need!


You might find that styling these shoes may seem difficult, and that’s okay! Mules are already a statement piece on their own, thanks to their unique shape and style. But hey, aren’t we supposed to stand out anyway? Mule heels can definitely be styled up or toned down depending on where you are going.


You can wear them with jeans and a casual tee making the mules the statement piece to dress that outfit up but still keeping it on the casual side.



This look is a more formal style but still keeps it simple, getting a more formal Mule shoe and wearing the right accessories to compliment and not compete with the shoe. This look is perfect for a brunch or a great transition outfit from day to night.


Slip-on mules are also a perfect pair in your closet. These shoes give a more casual feel, but don’t think you can’t style them up as well. These shoes are incredibly comfortable while giving you a fashion forward look. Plus, they’re an essential for traveling and we all know how annoying getting through security can be at an airport.




This look gives a more casual feel to the slip-on mules. This a picture of myself roaming the city of New York in my fave Forever 21 Gucci look alike slip-on. The shoes bring the outfit together with the floral pattern being the statement piece. It is an easy and carefree outfit.



The dress is what styles the outfit up but as you can see the slip-on Mules give it a more relaxed look. This outfit is simple and completed by the bondage slip-ons and the handbag. Her bold decision to pair brown and black is a perfect example of breaking free from fashion norms and rocking it. After all, it’s the 21st century, we’re going to have to break some rules here!

Heeled mules, or slip-on mules both are coming back and bigger than ever. History repeats itself and evidently, so does fashion. Mules are breaking all fashion barriers and bringing a new touch to season trends. Fashion is always changing and we have to keep up! Mules are great piece in every girl’s closet and a must have transitional piece for any season. Slip-on mules are comfortable and easy to wear, and heeled mules combines the feminine touch with a more relaxed look. If you haven’t gotten a pair yet, what’re you waiting for? Go snag your favorite style of mules…you won’t regret it!

xo, JG

Cover Photo: http://chicityfashion.com/rachael-wang/


Journalism student with a track in Broadcast Media at The School Of Communications & Journalism at Florida International University.  Josie is an ambitious Journalist with a passion to unfold the truth and inform the audience; she loves to write about fashion, lifestyle and current events.   
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