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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

If you’re a makeup fan you must’ve found out about the iconic makeup brand Milk, Although it is fairly new to the beauty scene it has grabbed the attention of many beauty loving people due to its simplistic aesthetic and effective skin care and makeup. These products can usually be found on their website, Sephora, and urban outfitters. The company is known for its concealer and lip and cheek tint and gained even more publicity by teaming up with trendy New York bakery ‘Momofuku milk bar’, to create a birthday cake flavored lip gloss. 

However, the company is now once again gaining attention by announcing that they are going 100% vegan with their products, which is a huge plus for those that advocate for cruelty free makeup brands. 

the company took to instagram to make this announcement and on their website one could find further information about what being a “vegan” cosmetics line actually means. The company placed a huge emphasis on the fact that their skincare and makeup is free of many chemicals and parabens to make sure that your skin is looking its best. Now, it may be a little easier to get dolled up without adding harmful components to your body.