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It is no surprise that celebrities love their pets as much as we do. Having a furry friend to experience life alongside you the good and the bad is what makes our pets so special. It is even speculated that owner and pet tend to look more alike the stronger the bond. I’m not sure my Boston Terrier agrees… Meet these famous pets and the celebrities that they call their owner.

Paris AND Diamond baby

Diamond Baby is the furry baby of Paris Hilton, the queen of 2000s reality TV and overall icon. A fabulous name for an equally fabulous pet. We can even see her in this Klarna ad! Paris was shocked earlier this year when she found Diamond Baby was missing. She even took to social media to give a $10,000 reward to anyone who knows where Diamond Baby is. Luckily Diamond Baby safely returned home at the end of the long 18-day search and is back to her normal commercial celebrity dog content!

kylie jenner and norman

Kylie Jenner is pictured above with one of her adorable puppies, Norman. She has eight dogs, so you could say she is a big canine person! Despite the fact that they are not always featured on her Instagram, reality TV star and mom of two Kylie Jenner has shown us a glimpse into her dog mom world through “The Kardashians,” the famous reality TV show that allows us to see into the Kardashian/ Jenner world.

Ariana Grande Toulouse And Myron

Ariana Grande may win the title of the star with the most pets! She will never be bored with a total of ten dogs, according to J14’s pet roundup. Toulouse and Myron, which she shared with her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, are two of the most well-known. The image above is from a cute Instagram post she shared, in which she highlighted some of her best dog mom moments.

Mary Jane is Miley Cyrus’s, late furry baby. As stated above Mary Jane was the inspiration behind one of Miley’s songs about the loss and heartache one experiences when losing a best friend in the shape of a pet. I believe that all of us who have lost a pet can sympathize with Miley and the emotions that may appear following the loss. Mary Jane will forever live in the heart and memories of those who she came across.

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