Mario Kart for IOS

    Summer of 2010 was a time of running around outside and playing the Wii with neighborhood kids. With all of the game choices, Mario Kart was the top choice every time. Oh, how the nostalgia hits when you think about how stressful Rainbow Road used to be. And the time has come to re-live the endless summers of Mario Kart with a mobile app. 

    The ‘Mario Kart Tour’ mobile app was announced on January 2018 and everyone seemed to have high hopes for the app. The use of the Wii console has seemed to dwindle once the WiiU was released, but the people’s love for Nintendo games never died. However, when Nintendo attempted to recreate the magic for IOS, it just didn’t break the mold. How will the arrival of Mario Kart Tour hold up to the lack of success to Super Mario? 

    The app has different tours that you move through once you complete each one. You compete against a pool of players from all around the world. You’re able to level up the characters, cars, and accessories which help with your race score in each round. All of the same maps and characters are there; you have to level up or use your ‘rubies’ to access them. 

Credit: Youtube

    Twitter has been on a roll with the memes and content related to the release of Mario Kart IOS. It was full of excitement, but there were a few technical difficulties over the first few days. Along with this came a frenzy of complaints. However, once they were fixed, it was a smooth run and the customers seemed pleased. 

Credit: Twitter: Jonrod480MV

    It was rumored that an update would be released soon that makes multiplayer available. This was all anyone wanted; the chance to play against friends. The catch is…. you might have to pay $9.99. No matter how much we wanted Multiplayer, no one wants to pay $10 for that feature. The update has yet to be released, so for now, we all are stuck playing against the pool.