Liam Said What About Harry?

It’s been roughly three years since the boys of our teen/pre-teen years have been together on one stage. One Direction ‘took a break’ in 2016 to see friends/family and work on solo projects.

However, it seems that they’re addicted to the taste of solo work because they haven’t been back since. 

Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry have been thriving with their solo work. Liam has had his hands tied with fatherhood, too.



Twinkle twinkle hand in hand 💫

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They still find time to reminisce on their 1D days in interviews from time to time. An interview with Liam has resurfaced from 2017 where he’s talking about his son. Payne explained that he wouldn’t want Harry Styles to babysit little Bear because “his child would come out dressed in something that he wouldn’t understand”. It was said in a light-hearted manner, but 1D stans saw it differently. 


Harry has an iconic sense of fashion and has never thought twice about cross-dressing.


He’s been comfortable with his sexuality and masculinity. Of course, we live in a society that still deals with toxic/fragile masculinity. The idea is that boys and men should be tough and shouldn’t stray from the path of gender exclusivity. Styles always looked past this and it’s one of many traits that his fans have adored about him. With that being said, Liam Payne’s remark didn’t settle right among fans and it came off as a diss. 

It’s not rare for one of the boys to throw shade at another. Harry Styles recently dissed ex-bandmate Zayn Malik on SNL and everyone remains shook.