The Law of Attraction: How It All Works

The Law of Attraction: How It All Works

Imagine this: you are able to achieve anything and everything you want in this world. Such as being able to have the job you’ve always dreamed of, never having to worry about the way you look, or even worry about money for that matter. Sounds amazing, right? Well, essentially that is what is known to happen in the Law of Attraction. In a more defined manner, it is the concept of like attracts like. In other words, positive attracts positive meanwhile negative attracts negative. Let me put it this way: imagine you’re running for an executive spot for the club you’ve been apart of for awhile now. You’ve created this mentality where you are definitely a significant asset for the team: you go to all the meetings, you dedicate a large portion of your time and effort to the club, and everyone knows and admires you for the work you've put into the club itself. As you run for that role, this is where the Law of Attraction kicks in. Your mindset has switched to thinking as if you’ve already won and been given the executive role. As your mind is sending out what you want to the Universe, your thoughts will eventually become reality. That my friends is the Law of Attraction--whatever you focus on, is what will expand and grow. Now, here are some ways to really immerse yourself in Law of Attraction's mindset.


You are what you think you are

As I said in the example above, you must switch to the mindset as if you already have what you desire. It's all about the power of your own mind. Your mind has the ability to give you all of what you desire in this world, but only if you believe that you are capable of getting what you want. If you think about it, if everyone understood the power that your thoughts really have, no one would ever want to speak down upon themselves ever again. As the iconic Oprah Winfrey would say, "the way you think creates reality for yourself."


Manifest all the good things

This must come as an obvious, I mean.. Who wants to manifest negativity? But in reality, it's fairly easy to attract negativity without even trying. Have you ever had one of those moments where you've just had a bad day? Like, it seems as if bad things keep happening one after the other after the other. Well, that's the Law of Attraction working in full force. If you allow your bad day to consume your whole mindset, more negativity is what you will attract. In other words, if you are constantly speaking lowly about yourself, or not making effort to change the negative aspects of your life, the Universe will continually send out more negativity. So, that is why positive manifestation is KEY. Make it a goal each morning once you wake up, to automatically set your mind to believe it will be a good day. From there, manifest all the other positive things you want to come out of that day, week, month, or a even year! Learn how to train your mind to only manifest the good.


Be a go-getter

Oprah Winfrey, someone who is an avid believer in the concept of the Law of Attraction, didn’t wake up one morning and was suddenly THE Oprah Winfrey. No. She is someone who has worked her way to the top in order to be at the place she is now. This means, don’t expect to have all that you desire if you don’t put the effort into it. If you constantly tell yourself that you live a healthy lifestyle, your mind will train itself to pick healthier food options, be more active, and generally guide you into living a healthier lifestyle. It’s all about the action you put forth into receiving what you want.