Jelena VS The Weeknd: What We Know So Far

The story just keeps getting better and better because as it turns out Jelena is back and so is 2010. As we all know, the Biebs and Selena have been pretty much been back and forth for the past 7 years and honestly, it's been a very confusing time for us. Just when we thought these two were done for good once when Selena dated The Weeknd, we get this. As soon as The Weeknd decides to cut all ties with Selena, she once again shows us that she never really got over her first love and stirred up a whole lot of nostalgia. They've pretty much been inseparable since their blueberry smoothie date at Joi Cafe. From church visits, leisurely bike rides, to hockey games, they've pretty much done it all in the last two weeks and truth be told we are all for it. 

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Although their current relationship status has not yet been determined, multiple sources close to the couple have stated that they're pretty much emotionally back together. It's just about timing at this point. Justin is hesitant in moving too fast especially since he's worked so hard to get back in touch with Selena. So, he's waiting for her to make the decision which we totally applaud him for. Winning over her family again is also one of his main concerns as he knows he pretty much tarnished his good boy image after so many rocky events and well, Yovanna Ventura. The girl he bounced back to after one of their many breakups. Yovanna and Justin seemed to be a legit thing back in 2014/2015 but it didn't really work out I guess?

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But it seems as though The Weeknd has been feeling pretty confident and has been taking the Jelena news a little too darn well because he's reached out to Yovanna and they're going through some feels of their own. The romance was witnessed at French Montana's birthday celebration and some party goers say that they were holding hands all night. Not only that but they arrived and left together, and he made sure that everyone knew he was with someone the whole night. Their last spotting? Leaving Hyde nightclub in an SUV the night after.

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Revenge dating or?