It's Time to Put Your Phone Down

Now more than ever, social media is becoming a norm across all different age groups. Social media is a way people choose to spend their past time, as well as, to connect with friends and family. With the new year finally here, many individuals are starting to ask themselves the same question -- how much social media is too much?

Every day that passes, a new hashtag on Instagram is formed, and a new tweet is sent out for millions of people to see. But with each status update that people do about how much they love their dog or how much fun they had the night before, it has many speculators thinking, is anyone ever really living in the moment? 

Pulling the plug from social media is something that more and more people find themselves doing as the years go by. Taking a break and putting your phone down helps you live in real time and makes you more connected to what’s in front of you. Instead of paying attention to who went where for vacation, start paying attention to the people in front of you. It’s time to start making real life face to face connections with the people you find yourself surrounded with. The connections you make, whether it be on campus or anywhere else you find yourself, will benefit you more in the long run versus a stranger liking the picture you just posted.

Society often forgets that social media more often than not is an altered version of someone’s reality. This can easily cloud your thoughts and diminish your own personal successes in life. Taking a break from social media helps you set boundaries you never knew you needed. 

Setting boundaries with social media and knowing when and how to limit your time on it only benefits you in the long run. Take the time away from your phone as a way to reclaim the time that you lost. Try to catch up with an old friend, pick up a new hobby, or complete that assignment that you’ve been procrastinating on. Use that time away to clear your mind and reset your energy.

The world is filled with opportunities to grab, people to meet, and memories to make. Go out and enjoy the raw version of what life can offer you, I promise that status update can wait.