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Is It Too Early for Christmas Decorations?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

As November settles in and Halloween decorations are taken down, stores across the nation bring out their winter holiday merchandise to the front of their stores (Looking at you Dollar Tree, Marshall, T.JMaxx, and Ross) creating the perfect winter wonderland ambience for customers to come in and buy. 

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By this time next week, most stores and malls will begin to play their holiday music playlist to get their customers in a festive mood while they are shopping. Creating the perfect ( or hectic for some people) ambiance to go gift shopping. 


But, for those having a hard time saying good-bye to October, Halloween, and all the things spooky, watching Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas might help to cope with the transition. After all, even after all the confusion and grand musical number Jack the pumpkin king had in Christmas town he found himself in love with the idea of Christmas and gifting other… Although what he had in mind wasn’t very christmas-y he was still going in the right direction.


Do as Jack did and re-decorate your dorm, room, or house to next month holiday. 

If that doesn’t seem to help,  then go to YouTube, Pandora, Spotify or any other music streaming service and play some classic holiday jingles, whip out your Christmas decorations and begin to decorate your house. This will guarantee to bring you out from your October blues and reel you in a jolly mood. 

In fact, research conducted by the University of Utah’s Psychology department has found that people who put up their holiday decorations early are happier than those who don’t. 

Which explains why after dusting away our ornaments, finding the perfect decorations, and setting up our Christmas tree we all feel a euphoria-like high afterwards.

The research also conducted that decorating one’s homes gives others the sense of a friendliness and welcoming environment. 

Next time someone says it’s ‘too early for Christmas’ just redirect them to this article or give them a Christmas task to do and watch as their Scrooge-ness fades away. Let the soothing voice of Mr. Micheal Bubble whisk them away to the winter wonderland they are repressing to enjoy. 


Stephanie Almendares is currently a student at Florida International University majoring in Mass communication-Journalism while also getting a Film Certificate. She enjoys watching plays, reading books--some which she's already read more then 10 times-- and learning about crystals and astrology.