On Nov. 27, CW's Supergirl star Melissa Benoist came out with a shocking 14-minute-long Instagram video regarding an unnamed abuser who fans believe to be her ex-husband, former Glee Star, Blake Jenner.

In the Instagram video, Benoist bravely discusses the truth of what happened to her eye injury, spoke about being in a toxic relationship and about her being a domestic violence survivor.

Although she never specifically gave a name to her abuser, fans on Twitter have come up with a timeline to see who it might be, and everyone has concluded that Jenner was her abuser. 

Previously in an interview with late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon, Benoist says she got the injury from sacrificing herself for her little puppy, but the truth was that "cute clumsy" story about Supergirl was all a cover-up her and Jenner made.

Benoist came clear to her 3.9Million followers on what truly happened.  She says that Jenner had thrown his iPhone at her face, which broke her nose, torn an iris, and resulted in her having damaged eyesight.


This was the only person Benoist was, at that time, in a relationship with, which is why everyone is assuming it was the former Glee star actor. 

(​zooming in, you can see Benoist's torn iris in this picture.)

The revelations Benoist made left fans of the series and non-fans shocked. Many went on Twitter to comment on Jenner's violence abuse saying, "How can we end someone when their career has never started?"

The incident, however, wasn't the first-time Benoist's abuser hit her.  

Benoist said, "the first time it happened, he threw a smoothie at my face. It smacked my cheek and exploded all over the floor and the sofa. I ran to grab paper towels rushing to go back because I was so worried about cleaning the couch. Then the fact that it was all over my face, my hair, my clothes, and that my cheek was painfully throbbing. I was more worried ..."

At first, Jenner would restrict her from kissing or talking to any other male co-star or friends, which resulted in her turning down roles and ending friendships to make her then-husband happy.

Benoist came out with the truth about her past relationship to inspire other women and men, who made be in a domestic relationship, to get out of it and ask for help if needed.

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TW: The following content may be too difficult to hear.


Remember, if you, or anyone you know, is in a similar situation and are seeking help don’t hesitate to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-787-3224| 1-800-787-3224 for Spanish. 

If you’re afraid that your partner might be listening in on your call, you can always pretend to be ordering pizza, food, talking with your mom, friends or whomever and chances are the domestic violence hotline representative will pick up on it.