Inside Camila Cabello's Heart

Finally, after the long wait and the cheeky sneak peeks, Cuban-American - freshly 22-years old - Camila Cabello has dropped two new singles; along with merchandise and a spectacular music video to one of her singles.


By late August, singer-songwriter Cabello rattled all her fans when she uploaded some Venusian-like backgrounds to her Instagram.  Which many Camilizers speculated it to be the introduction to the new Camila Cabello 2 era-- or CC2 as they call it.  

(Image: Twitter users @stella_90s & @whyxmila)

Just as August was about to end, Cabello uploaded an aesthetically appealing voiceover video to IG titled "What do I know about love?"  From then on, it was evident that the new CC2 era was going to give Camilizers an inside glimpse of her heart and her long-hidden romance. WHICH IS TRULY RARE CONSIDERING HOW CABELLO KEEPS HER LOVE LIFE ON THE LOW. 


Both of Cabellos' singles, 'Shameless' and 'Liar,' showcase a  raw and vulnerable side of her. These two single have distinct rhythm, but lyrically, there is a connection between the two.  In 'liar,' Cabello sings about a mysterious someone who she denies all feeling for. She insists that the emotions inside of her aren't true. The song goes about the fact the this bottled passion inside of her makes her a farce, hence the song title.'Shameless' on the other hand, is about her coming to terms with those feelings. In this song, she's ready to embrace love in all its form. Yet, it might not be exactly about a specific someone, but more so about herself. She doesn't want to be a 'liar' and hurt herself anymore.

Now, the question is, what is 'liar' about? And who inspired 'shameless?' Could it be about her rumored boyfriend Canadian, singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes or was relationship guru Mathew Hussey the inspiration behind these hits?

" I want my life to be the work of art. And my songwriting to be the camera that I can take a picture of it with. Its what I'm living. That's the art. What do I know about love? Maybe nothing. And that's why it's everything." -- Camila Cabello