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If Hard Work Goes Unnoticed . . .

Parents, teachers, and friends tell kids that hard work will pay off one day, but it does not always seem like that is the truth. Many work long and exhausting days, and others work hard for a promotion, only to see someone else reap the rewards. Sometimes, these are obstacles that are simply part of life, and they serve to learn new lessons. While experiencing the challenging parts of life, people should keep in mind key ways to keep their heads up regardless of the lack of recognition.

Patience Will Be Rewarded

It is great to show dedication and passion for the tasks at hand. A hardworking employee can show his boss and coworkers that he is a valuable employee. The employee should remember, though, that not every job well done will be praised. People always need to do a great job and not expect anything in return. The person in charge may not always catch who the real hard workers are, or he has a lot of their work to focus on. Another challenge could be if there is a significant amount of competition. Standing out will be harder, but patience and biding one’s time can pay off. 

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Improve Chances of Recognition

When one works on a new project or idea, he should place his name on all documents and emails and cc other people too so they know where the credit is due. Another helpful tip is clearly communicating with the person in charge to clarify what he expects of his employees or volunteers or have a conversation with him about what improvements he wants to see. Regular updates on work progress and informing one’s boss of their goals can help put employees on the radar. This applies to anyone who is working in any way, as a volunteer, intern, or hired employee.

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Internal Validation Comes First

Feeling valued for hard work is natural for people to want. However, to not live a life of dissatisfaction, people should know that self-validation is more important than external validation. Self-reflection can be a crucial step in finding out what is missing in one’s life. One can ask himself questions like, “Why do I feel this way” and “What do I need to do to get to where I want to be?” Work smart, not hard, is a famous phrase that is good to remember when feeling undervalued. Changing the way one is working can shift others’ perspectives. Perhaps a change in attitude, work environment, or work habits can help the boss reconsider his candidates for a promotion, for example. If hard work goes unnoticed, one can take a step back and evaluate what he can do to get the most out of their career.

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