How To Spice Up Halloween Costumes: SFX Style

My fellow Ghouls and Gals, it’s that wonderful time of the year again where we get to dress up and be whoever we want for either a whole weekend straight or just one day. Halloween is finally upon us! With the holiday being just 2 weeks away, I’m sure the struggle is real on finding out what to do for costumes or dope make-up for the evening. During this time of the year, however, there are some pretty awesome ways to spice any old costume with some terrifyingly great makeup.

SFX, more commonly known as Special Effects makeup, is a wonderful twist to any costume. There are a variety of ways in which you can add a little something to your costume to spice it up and you don’t have to be an SFX artist to do it. First, you’ll need to get your hands on a few things, depending on the route you decide to take.

  1. Liquid Latex: This will help you create scars, layers, and many more options when it comes to adding a little something to that costume of yours. They sell this at any Halloween store, and it’s relatively cheap to buy a small bottle of it. Fair warning, if you are allergic to latex, or have overly sensitive skin, please seek out another option or spot test it before applying it to your face. You want to add layers of alternating liquid latex and tissue/cotton balls, depending on the look you’re going for. You can find a tutorial for beginners here.                                                                                   (amazon)
  2. Cheap Prosthetics: These are pre-made scabs, wounds, flesh, etc. Pretty much found for cheap at your local Halloween store, you can spice up any old look with a gnarly wound and have it look awesome all night. You might want to buy some fake blood (coagulated or scab blood is the best and most realistic) just to give it a more genuine effect.                                                                                       (Props and Frocks)                                                          
  3. Blood: Blood always adds a little touch of creepiness and even fun to any costume. There are different types of blood, depending on the look you want, but you can find your perfect match at any store.                                                                                       (Mehron)  
  4. Oil Paints: Oil paints are great and so useful to any Halloween lover out there. Many kits are available for prices that aren’t as high and will always add a little spice to any costume. Whether you want to paint your whole face, or just add a few things here and there, you can’t go wrong with oil paints. You can pick up some cheap kits at your Halloween store, target, Walmart, or these great ones I picked up on amazon!
  5. Spirit Gum: Spirit gum is an adhesive that works amazing to adhere prosthetics, decorations, etc., to the skin without causing damage. It works really well, and if you buy it off amazon, it comes with the remover included. You can still find this at any Halloween store of course!



SFX is such an awesome way to spice up any costume and get into the Halloween spirit. Many people practice this all year long and will definitely inspire you! Here are a few of my favorite Channels: