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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Getting a nose ring was the best decision I have ever made, no joke! My friends would tell me that a nose ring would suit my face, but it took the pandemic for me actually to get one. I was scared that people’s perceptions of me would change or that I would be deemed less reliable in an academic or professional setting. But none of that happened; instead, my nose piercing helped me in many different ways, which surprised me.

It helped me gain confidence.

As cliche as that sounds, it’s true. I was usually not the type of person to do something as noticeable as getting a facial piercing, so whenever someone made an unapproving comment, I was forced to defend my decision. Over time, I did not care what others had to say about it and slowly did not feel the need to defend my piercing. This attitude carried into different areas of my life. It helped redefine many relationships I had, including family members I was often shy around. I was confident in my decisions and no longer felt the need to prove myself or my actions as long as they felt right to me.

It helped me appreciate my nose.

This goes with in hand with confidence, but I wanted to specify how my nose piercing made me more comfortable with my nose. I didn’t like how my nose looked, like almost everyone’s. I just thought it was too big or did not suit my face. When I would take a picture, I was also so focused on the fact that my nose was so big. This changed after my piercing. I am unsure if this is directly related to my piercing or that my nose grew into my face more, but just having a little ring on there makes me happy, especially after it has been my least favorite part of my face for years.

Lastly, my nose piercing represented a new era in my life and helped me reach a sense of individuality.

I graduated high school in May 2020 and got my nose pierced in December 2020. May through November was a very tumultuous and transformative time for me. I did not have a traditional high school graduation, so I struggled with closure. I constantly viewed myself as those from high school viewed me, which was not a positive feeling, as I was a reflection of their words. I wanted to distance myself from that, and although not drastic, a facial piercing changes your appearance and others’ perception of you. Over time, I also began to see a different person, one I liked. I no longer saw myself as how those who I was close to in high school saw me. Instead, I developed a positive sense of self that is healthy and kind to me.

So yes, my life is split into two stages – pre and post-nose piercing. I don’t know who I was before.

So if you have been thinking about getting your nose pierced, do it! You probably will not regret it; if you do, just take it out.

Angel is a junior majoring in Political Science at Florida International University. After she graduates, she hopes to attend law school, later practicing criminal law. She enjoys politics, astrology, and the most random Netflix shows.