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How I Romanticize My Life So I Can Live My Dream Life 

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There is something so special about being able to take even the simplest things in life and being able to make the most of them by shifting your perspective on them so that way you can live every moment to the fullest! That is why I love to take every little thing I do or every little situation I am in and romanticize it so that I can live the ideal dream life I want to live! There are a lot of ways that I romanticize my life and I am so happy to share them with you all below!

  1. To begin, I like to romanticize my life by starting off the morning with daily prayer and Bible journaling while eating my breakfast and getting dressed for the day. I then take some time to listen to some worship music and do some journaling. I use these activities as a way for me to romanticize my life, by helping me center my mind on God, who is the number one center of my life and helps me to gain the right mindset I need to get through my day. I then use that new and refreshed mindset to be able to live my ideal life. Doing this helps guide me to live life with the right perspective in mind, in order to maintain a positive attitude in life, through every situation.

2. Additonally, I like to romanticize my life as a Communications major college student. I like to romanticize my life as a Communications major college student, by taking photos of all of my daily memories of college: photos with friends, photos studying, photos at sporting events, etc., to then make digital photo collages and memorable videos to look back at in the future. I also romanticize my life as a Communications major college student, by buying FIU spirited gear and merch from the FIU bookstore and wearing it around campus, studying in my favorite study spots on campus with my friends.  All these activities help me to live my ideal life and appreciate every single moment as a college student, by allowing me to make some amazing memories/friendships to last a lifetime, and lead me to learn new things every day that will lead me towards all my future career dreams and aspirations.

3. Lastly, I love to romanticize my life is to using my love for fashion, adventure, and aesthetics to dress up in my favorite pastel-colored tops, and ripped jeans and use my handheld Polaroid to capture pictures of myself in cute and stylish coffee shops and museums. I love to wear my high-platform Converse shoes, take my very fashionable tote bag, similar to the Marc Jacobs one with me, and pose for cute pics in front of places that meet my aesthetic style of bright, bold, and modern designs. I use the combination of my fashion likes, adventure, and aesthetics, as a way to romanticize my life and help me live my ideal life by giving me the impression that I am living in my own Barbie world, where I get to choose who I get to be and craft my own life story. 

Hi my name is Amanda! I am a PRACC major and my career goal is to become a content creator marketer or a brand manager for an agency. Some of my hobbies are I love to design, paint, read and write. I also love listening to music, watching movies, and hanging out with my friends! 💗