How to Get Out of That Spring Semester Slump

A little over a month… only a little over a month until we kiss goodbye to the classes that have brought us a multitude of headaches, and say hello to summer at last. Sounds amazing, right? Well, unfortunately as I said, we still have a month left which means we have one month left to get our s*** together, turn on our girlboss mode, and finish strong. This is the mentality that is needed to get out of that mid-semester slump. It’s pretty clear to see that all of us college students are pretty drained after constant studying for midterms that the motivation to keep going seems pretty nonexistent. Well, here are a few ways to get out of the spring semester slump, and finish this semester strong. 

First things first, get some rest!

We’re at that point in the semester where under eye circles are very evident, messy buns are the everyday fashion look, and sleep just isn’t part of our dictionary anymore. It’s so very important to rest and rejuvenate to truly be your best self. Go to sleep early, or sleep in if you have the chance, and get that full eight hours of sleep that you deserve.

Keep a healthy and balanced diet

You’re probably thinking, “what does that have to do with getting motivated?” As someone who is a crazy stress eater, I tend to fuel my stress with some not-so-healthy options. Doing that, one can tend to feel less motivated, burnt out, and honestly, you end up with mediocre results. Be smart about what you eat: eat greens, proteins, fruits, and trust me, you will see a change of energy. This energy that you will accumulate will spread to not only your school work, but your mind and attitude as well.

Surround yourself with your own personal cheerleaders

When I say “cheerleaders”, I don’t mean ACTUAL cheerleaders. I mean people who motivate you and WANT to see you succeed. Being surrounded by people who love you and always want what’s best for you is a great way to boost confidence and find motivation within yourself. I, myself, have a study buddy where we're constantly talking about internships, how we can better ourselves and our academics, and are each other's go-to's to find motivation and support from each other. Find that one person you click with and be each other’s go-to’s to keep each other in check. This doesn’t just have to be a classmate, but it can be a family member, a close friend, or even a professor. Find someone who wants you to reach all the steps to your goals and reach the ultimate version of yourself.

Get rid of those distractions

Just because the next netflix episode says it’s going to start in ten seconds, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to dedicate another half hour to an hour watching your show. Sadly, as much as things like netflix, social media, our phones love to reel us in, doesn’t mean it’s typically a good idea to allow ourselves to. Limiting distractions is extremely essential to having a successful end to a semester. A good method to use is study straight for half an hour with no distractions, and then for ten minutes, take some time for yourself to regain your energy and proceed.

Find your inspo!

There are so many ways to feel inspired during this season, so take advantage! Go on pinterest, talk to that person who motivates you, or even listen to your favorite podcast. As finals are quickly approaching (where has the time gone, literally), make sure to fuel yourself with some inspiration and motivation to get you through the rest of the semester. Remember, summer is approaching very soon, gotta start the summer season with a high note.