How To Find A New Routine During Transition

Life is constantly changing at a rapid pace and we are always undergoing changes in every aspect of our lives. No matter how old you are, change is often uncomfortable, scary, and difficult to adjust to. Whenever we undergo change, our routine tends to fall into cracks and it can be challenging to navigate with a change in structure. The good thing is, however, that there are practical ways that can help us create a routine that will allow us to endure a smooth transition during seasons of change. 

1. Integrate good familiar habits into your new space 

Our mind naturally finds comfort in familiarity; when we bring in good and familiar habits into the new, it helps us adjust to change quickly. Consider something like bringing in items from the past to help a new space feel more like home, such as your first apartment or your new office space at work. You can also practice familiar habits to help you navigate this new transition. Try setting up your new space in a way that feels familiar to you. Use planning techniques that have been efficient for you in the past like a planner or organizational apps to remain organized. Everyone has habits when it comes to what makes them feel comfortable in establishing a routine. Find what those are for you in order to create an effective routine to tackle this season of change. 

Arnel Hasanovic Mnd

2. Acknowledge stress and don’t ignore it 

Stress is an inevitable part of the process whenever you experience any sort of change in your life. Sometimes, we don’t even recognize we’re stressed because we keep pushing and ignoring how we’re feeling. Your body is a big indicator of when you’re overworked and are reaching burnout;  don’t ignore those emotional responses. Instead, acknowledge them and try to work through the stress. Engage in activities that will help you de-stress and make self-care a priority. Learn to be okay with giving yourself a break. This is especially important if you’re changing from a fast-paced environment to somewhere less hectic. If this might be the case for you, learning to manage your stress will be crucial to help you adjust to change.

3. Find your community

Community is important. Having a group of people who support you, uplift you, add value to your life and are reliable during difficult periods is imperative. This is what community is about and it is during this season of change, to reach out to your community. With the stress that comes with change, it can be easy to just sulk in it and forget that it is okay to reach out for help. You might even begin to think that no one cares when in reality, people care more than ever. This is the perfect time to reach out to your community. Go to a trusted group of friends and confide in them how you’re feeling. This will help you get everything off your chest. You’ll find comfort and relief in the fact that you aren’t alone; you have a group of people who care to help you navigate this transition.