How to Become a Morning Person

There are two types of people in this world: someone who is a morning go-getter and starts their day as soon as their alarm goes off, and there’s those people who absolutely dread the sound of their alarm, and getting up seems physically impossible. Well, unfortunately, I am guilty of being the second person. Though, as hard as it is to wake up, it doesn’t mean there aren’t habits to create to become a morning person. It’s all about the habits you make, and the mindset you have. Being a morning person is so essential, especially when you want to get into the routine of things.

Trick your mind

Yes, tricking your mind. Sounds a bit weird, I know, but let me explain to you how it works. If you’re not a morning person, we all know pressing the snooze button is inevitable. So, instead of putting an alarm at the time you’re supposed to wake up, put one an hour before. Once the time comes where your alarm goes off and you press the snooze button, you’re tricking yourself to thinking you’re sleeping more than you actually are.


What better way to waking up in the morning than having sunshine peak in from your blinds? The key to waking up naturally early in the morning is by keeping your blinds open, so by the time the sun rises in the morning, you will gradually be waking up as the sun begins to hit your eyes. 

Go to sleep earlier

Okay, yes, probably the most cliche advice but it is still so true! Definitely advice I need to constantly tell myself, but going to sleep earlier is going to contribute to helping you wake up early in the morning. If you wake up early in the morning and keep yourself productive (no naps involved!), then sleeping early will come easy to you as you make it a routine. 

Get excited!

It’s a new day, therefore despite all the stress, assignments, tests, work we as college students have to endure, there will always be something to get excited for. Every night, find something to look forward to the next day whether that may be eating your favorite breakfast, seeing your friends, or even working on a new and exciting project. There’s always something to look forward to, something to get your day goin’.