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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

H&M is regarded as one of those affordable yet chic stores that are always able to accommodate their customers with the latest fashion trends. The establishment is not a stranger to designer collaborations, it has had its fair share in the pass collections such as Versace, Alexander Wng, and Balmain. 

This past weekend, the brand announced its latest collaboration with *drumroll please* Moschino. The news was unveiled during coachella at Jeremy Scott’s annual coachella party. (talk about extravagant). During the event, Scott held a live instagram call from famed super model Gigi Hadid in which she helped announce H&M’s newest designer collaboration. In an interview with vogue Scott exclaimed, “Lots of young people love my clothes… and we make phone cases and little things like that, but in order to have a lewk, I love that this is now something that will be affordable.”

The collection is set to unveil on November 8th and is set to range from $25-$300, be sure to mark your calendars because this collection is projected to sell out quick!