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No matter if you are a die-hard Swiftie or an avid Sunday football watcher these two worlds are about to Collide. I’m talking about none other than the new romance that is Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs footballer Travis Kelce. Now for those who want to catch up on the unlikely ship that has seemed to come out of nowhere here’s a timeline of when this end-game romance first started.

It all started on July 7th, 2023 in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium where Taylor was at her 39th Era’s tour show. Travis Kelce explains to us during his Podcast (that he shares with his older brother Jason Kelce who is also in the NFL) that he attended the Era’s tour with hopes of exchanging a friendship bracelet with Taylor that has his phone number on it. Unfortunately, he found out that Taylor did not speak before and after her concerts in an effort to preserve her voice. Which resulted in Kelce being unable to give Swift his number.

A month later around August. Travis and his brother Jason dropped the episode of their podcast New Heights. The clip of Travis describing the lengths he went to get the attention of the 12-time Grammy winner goes Viral. 

Then this month, rumors began to circulate on Social Media and multiple news outlets revealed that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are secretly seeing each other. Of course, most fans of the two just assume it’s speculation.

On September 20th, an Interview with Jason Kelce occurred. The TNF Nightcap interviewed both Jason and teammate Jalen Hurts. The interview mentions that he has a daughter who loves Taylor Swift which is just a cute Segway to ask Jason if he knows what’s going on between Taylor Swift and his brother. Jason claims that “He doesn’t know what’s going on” and “assumes that Travis is just having fun”. 

Jason then goes on to appear on the WIP morning show with Joe Decmara and Jon Ritchie where he says “That he doesn’t know what’s going on in Travis’ love life and he tries to keep his business his business”. (Referring to Travis)

On September 21 Travis Kelce was the guest on the Pat McAfee show Travis Kelce says that he got to see Taylor perform in Arrowhead and now “he’s putting the ball in her court to come watch him play in Arrowhead.” 

Source: Pat Mcafee Youtube Channel

After this interview, fans on Twitter speculated that the rumors might be false due to Taylor’s past behavior of keeping her love life private.

Throughout the week and even once the rumors had spiraled, announcers have been using Taylor Swift puns to describe Kelce’s plays on the field.


Source @NFL on Tiktok

Then finally on September 24th at the Chiefs game. The audience is informed that TMZ is on the sidelines then a surprise of a lifetime for fans when the camera pans to Taylor sitting next to Travis’ Mother!


Source: @Popbase on Twitter

With the biggest fans being the NFL themselves. They went as far as to give fans hourly updates throughout the entire game. They even changed their TikTok bio to say “9/24/23 Taylor was here.”


Source: @Swifferupdates on Twitter

Source: The NFL

The NFL is really out here being die-hard Swifties by even getting footage of the alleged couple leaving the game together.


Source: @NFL on TikTok

And in true Taylor Swift fashion, Travis whisked Taylor away in their very own Getaway car.


Source: @Theswiftsociety on Twitter

Now as of this morning, September 25th the news outlets have covered Taylor’s excitement over the game on Sunday. I can’t get enough of these two and hope to see more of them in the future!

Source: The Today Show
Source: Good Morning America
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