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He Didn’t Love Her?!

Instead of helping you, Dr. Jackson Avery a.k.a Jesse Williams will break your heart into pieces in Demi Lovato’s new music video Tell Me You Love Me, as he stars as the male lead. This music video gives you all the feels, and “I’ve never been more ready.” These two wonderful stars get together in this music video and leave us speechless with the outcome of it all.

These two go through the typical couple phases, including some kissing, an engagement and of course the fighting–that the couple doesn’t seem to endure. Though this fighting led to the couple questioning their decision to proceed with the wedding, they decide to overcome it and continue on. Can we just talk about how this is possibly any girls dream wedding? Someone slide me the wedding planner’s number!

This video goes through a rollercoaster of emotions that leaves the viewer feeling uneasy, our hearts are further crushed during the exchange of the rings when Jesse takes off the ring and says, “I’m not ready”, Demi’s heartbreak is painfully evident as she sings “I hope I never see the day that you move on and be happy without me…” UMMMM?! 

Maybe now we have a further understanding of what that guy felt like being left at the altar when April Kepner ran with Jackson Avery.  


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