Hawaii's State Parks First Snow Day

Recently our climate has been changing drastically and more than ever. In some areas more than others the change is evident. A winter storm in Hawaii brought winds, powerful surf, low temperatures and a surprise for the locals inhibiting the island. For the first time ever recorded, snow fell at Polipoli State Park in Maui.



Polipoli State Park is at 6,200 feet elevation, making the snow fall the lowest elevation ever recorded in Hawaii according to Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.


Although Hawaii is known for its warm weather, surf and tropical landscapes, snow in Hawaii is not uncommon on its highest peaks. It was a phenomenon to see it blanket the state park at a low elevation of 6,2000 feet. Locals took to the streets and documented and shared the surprise snow via their social media accounts.



This crazy weather was not only a shock to Hawaii. So far this year has set 35 records for heat and 2 for cold due to climate change. In the US we saw the polar vortex sweep through the country from North Dakota to Ohio. Illinois temperatures reached -36.1 degrees Celsius. The National Weather Service even warned those in the areas to stay inside because our skin could freeze in a wind chill of -25 degrees in fifteen minutes.


As our weather keeps changing we’re going to have to make huge adjustments to have to survive through it, if we don’t try and stop the amount of emissions we are releasing into the atmosphere.