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Has Young Students’ Passion for Learning Gone Down?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

For some students, education is everything to them, and to others, they’re perfectly fine as long as they get passing grades to get by. The significance of learning varies from student to student—not everyone sees an in depth education as something to truly value. Starting from a young age, many student’s have this bright idea that they want to be a firefighter, a singer, or an astronaut.  Of course, there are some who don’t have a clear picture of what it is that they want to be when they grow up, and that’s completely fine. You’re not supposed to have your whole life figured out at the age of 10 but when the years start going by and you feel as though the course of school has not been of any help, that’s when it becomes particularly difficult.

Over the most recent years, it seems as though more students have found learning and the education system as a whole to be a bother and a waste of time. Why exactly is this happening? What is going on behind the closed doors of classrooms to lead students to believe that they can’t be what they want to be, or their dreams are “too out of reach?” We live in a very critical society, where if your passions don’t align with the norms, people may bring you down and you begin to feel discourage. What you want to do with your life “isn’t a real job” or it “doesn’t make enough money.” When kids hear this at a young age, they begin to lose faith in themselves. They begin to feel that what they’re doing won’t lead them to the future that they aspire to have.


As for parents and teachers—what are they teaching students when it comes to the value in an education system and how it will impact their lives? If teachers act like they don’t care, that rubs off on the youth. Believe it or not, some of these kids in the classrooms look up to those that are above them such as teachers and staff. If they aren’t even willing to put in the effort that is necessary for a student to receive the best education possible, how do you think they’re going to feel about school in the long run?

The way that teachers teach, act, present themselves, and most importantly, treat their students is what the youth is going to remember as they further their education. These young people are our future. They have the power to change the world and the more we shoot down their dreams, the more we miss out on individuals that could have had the opportunity to really change the world.

As for parents—what are they doing to help their kids at home? When it comes to how the learning system is viewed, it’s a bit difficult depending on what kind of home you grow up in. In some homes, they see college and getting good grades as a prime factor in their kids’ lives. However, not every child has the opportunity of a stable family and people who are there to motivate them 24/7. Without that support system, it’s not as easy for them to even see the importance of knowledge. This is why what happens in a classroom is so important.


You never know what a child’s at home situation is. That being said, friends who actually do have a sturdy support system, be nice to your friends who don’t. Some kids need that extra push for them to see their fullest potential. Teachers, answers kids’ questions—don’t just brush them off. Ask if they’re understanding the work. It doesn’t have to be only about the classwork. Get to know your students on a personal level and motivate them to be the best that they can be.

For some reason, its as if the world thrives on judgement, social norms, and living up to others’ expectations when it shouldn’t be this way. The year 2000 is something completely different than the year 2019. We’ve gotten lazier and lazier. Especially, with social media being the biggest player out there. It has become so much harder to help kids understand their true passions and allowing them see what it is that knowledge can do for them in the long run. There are young people who actually want to further their education but can’t because of personal difficulties. If you have the opportunity to expand your learning to the fullest extent, don’t be selfish. There may be someone out there who would do anything to get what it is that you’re getting right now. Knowledge is power.


Hi! My name is Sherneice Robin and I am currently a senior at Florida International University and I'm a part of the FIU Her Campus Staff Team! I'm pursuing a degree in PRAAC (Public Relations, Advertising, & Applied Communications) with an area of concentration in Business Communication. My passion in life has always been towards writing and I strive to inspire others with my words. Find your purpose and aspire to inspire.