Guide to Your First Concert or Music Festival

There is nothing more stressful than preparing for your first concert. Granted, maybe it's not on par with studying for finals, but it's a close second. You spent days and long hours trying to get as much information as you can. What do you wear? What if the singer randomly calls out your seat number and brings you backstage or worse, on stage to sing with them.  What if that happens and you're up there looking like a mess? 

Desperately, you ask your friends for tips; which is great! But you can't compare Ultra to Lollapalooza. Both are different festivals with a different ambiance.  At this point, you're hopeless because you've probably seen various Youtube videos about "festival do's and don't," talked to your friends, researched and over analyzed different outcomes. But it's okay. Here are some few tips that will hopefully ease your worries and that can be used in all different types of festivals and concerts you plan to attend as a first timer.

1.  Wear comfortable shoes

(ImageThe Cord)

Yes,  that outfit you have planned to wear looks cute with those nice chunky boots, but remember, you're not going to be sitting down at all. Think about the pain you'll be in the following day. Save yourself the pain and stick to some shoes you can walk around on and won't bother you. 

2. Carry around both cash and your credit card.

(Image: Her Money)

Some concert venues only accept cash, for some strange reason. While others might accept credit cards, but for the sake of not using the ATM's and being charged a fee, take out cash prior to the concert.  This way, there won't be anything stopping you from buying the merch you want.  

3.  Check the weather for the day.

(Image: American Songwriter )

Just because it looks sunny outside doesn't mean it will be sunny all day. If you lived long enough in Florida you know this. This is what Florida's weather has prepared you for. That way you'll know if you need to take an extra pair of shoes or even an extra outfit just in-case the what you currently have on gets drenched.

4. Read the regulations of the venue.

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Every concert venue has a different set of regulations. Some venues actually send you an email telling you the list of items that are prohibited to enter and which items are fine. It's imperative to read through the list prior to arriving at the venue. Venue security doesn't care if you won't be using your pepper spray, they will make you throw it out. For the sake of you not having to throw out any items, just check your emails. Be prepared. 

5. Don't take any drink from a stranger.

(Image: Getty Images)

Unless you physically see the person pour the drink in front of you don't drink it. Better safe than sorry.  My mother always tells me " Ojos vemos, corazones no sabemos," which basically means that yeah, that person might be cute, but you don't fully know what their intentions are. Be careful with what people are giving you. PSA: There are these chips that can let you know if the drink has been spiked. 

6. Carry either blotting paper or facial wipes

(Image: Sephora)

These items will be your holy grail, your best friends, and your life saver.  There isn't much more needed to be said. 

7.  The buddies system

(Image: James Richards IV )

This system is bulletproof, especially if going to a big venue. Always make sure you know where your buddy is and where they are going. As a matter of fact, if you don't already, share locations cause that'll help whenever you get separated.  Always remember, don't leave your buddy. Leave as you arrived.  

8. The essentials

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You're going to be using your phone A LOT; whether it's to take pictures, videos, face timing your friend who couldn't attend the concert, or tracking your lost friend.  For this reason, make sure to charge up all the power banks you have and take them with you. This way you don't have to go to one of those charging stations and wait till your phone is semi-charged to resume the fun. Another essential is bringing chapstick and a water bottle. Some venues allow water bottles and even have water refilling stations. Check up on that.

9.Memory space

(Image: Clark Howard)

Don't go to your concert without making space for the numerous amounts of pictures/ videos you're about to take. You don't want to be in the middle of the concert recording a video, having a blast,  only to have the annoying notification appear. Transfer photos to your computer, USB, Facebook, Google drive, etc...  Thank me later for this. 

10. Have fun

(Image: Wigglegrams)

All in all, don't stress about it too much. You're going to have fun and your first concert is one you won't want to forget. Make enough memories and take a lot of pictures. Go to each and every both because chances are there giving something away free. If you end up going alone, don't worry you're going to make friends there. Remember to allow yourself to have fun and experience this. Let the music consume your body and forget all the stress you were carrying around all spring semester.