The Green Library: Becoming Worlds Ahead

If you’ve been around the Green Library during these past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed the installation of turnstiles in the front entrance. This small installation to the Green Library means big things for the future of Florida International University.

Our library is in the proccess of becoming a safer environment for students to study in by requiring students to swipe in and out of the library with their FIU one cards at the turnstiles. This added safety feature ensures that FIU will know exactly who is in the library at all times. Members of the community will still be allowed to visit the library, all they have to do is show a valid drivers license at the front desk to receive a temporary card.

With the addition of the turnstiles comes extended hours for the library. Beginning on March 19  the library will be open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Many students are excited for the extended hours and what it means for the future of our university.   

“Having a 24-hour library is a testament to how much FIU is expanding. We really are worlds ahead!” – Hunter Torres, Junior, Marketing Major

Just remember FIU panthers, starting February 20th, you will need your FIU one card to swipe in and out of the library. Happy Studying!