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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Finals are fast approaching and this period of time is one of the most stressful times of the year. To alleviate the burden of stress that you carry along with you through finals week, here is a Girl’s Guide to Acing Finals- to help you get through your finals strong, determined and motivated from start to finish, and to ensure you ACE those finals!


1.         Study– I mean…of course. But here is the catch. Finals are a week away which means you have enough time to start studying a little bit in advance for those upcoming exams. This week, take time out of your day to prepare for each subject, and take this opportunity to meet with your professors, TAs and tutors on areas you didn’t do so well on over the past semester.

2.         Exercise– The best way to alleviate stress is through exercise. Being a personal trainer and avid exerciser, I can guarantee that exercise is a great way to lighten the burden of stress on your body and mind. Not only does it give you a get away from the books, but it also allows your body to bump up the production of endorphins (your brain’s feel good neurotransmitters). A workout session will put you in a good mood and help you feel relaxed so you can continue on your study endeavors.

3.         Motivational Messages – Whether it’s post-its on your wall or reminders on your phone, leave little notes for yourself to let yourself know you can do it, you’re almost there, you are more than capable of doing it and when finals are over that you’ve made it! Motivational messages can turn your day around. You could wake up feeling horrible, demotivated and ready to give up, but a small motivational message could be the pick-me-up you need to get back on your feet. Make your messages fun, relatable and personal. Remember you are your biggest motivator.


4.          Treat Yourself – Set goals for yourself and when you’ve achieved them, reward yourself with a special treat. The treat could be anything you like! From your favorite food, to a long relaxing bath, lunch with your girls to a movie date with bae. Although its finals week it does not mean you have to completely put yourself in a box in order to get good grades. NO. If you accomplish something you set out to do, for example study for 6 hours straight, you deserve a reward. These little treats will ensure you are motivated all through finals week. You deserve it Queen!


5.         Pray– Mind. Body. Soul. You’ve taken care of your mind (with the studying), you’ve taken care of your body (by exercising), now take care of your soul. Take some time out of your busy day to connect with God. To ask him to bring you through finals victorious and that the hard work you put in, may pay off. Prayer turns a worrier into a warrior, able to face any exam head on!


5 easy steps to have you sailing through the final few weeks of the semester. Use them and share them with your fellow queens (and men too if you like!)

Work hard, study smart and ace those final exams!

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