Getting Over Someone You Never Dated

Breakups are hard. But those “almost relationships” or situationships? As someone who has found herself in this situation before, I can tell you it’s frustrating and confusing as hell. It’s rough and will keep you up at night staring at old messages, with countless what-ifs running through your head. Getting over someone you never actually dated sometimes hurts you more than anything. After all, how do you accept an ending to a story that was never written?

But why is it so hard? It’s the promise of potential; all the daydreaming, the scenarios you built in your head- they all come shattering down and you begin to wonder, “Was it all just in my head? Did they even actually care or was it all pretend?

The good thing is, though it might seem impossible at first, you will get over it. So, put down that phone, quit looking at those old conversations, and continue reading for some personal tips on how to move on:


Stop Checking on Them

I know it’s tempting, but ultimately you’re doing yourself more harm. Stop checking to see if they watched your Instagram or Snapchat story. Stop trying to analyze their tweets. Don’t do it. You’re blocking yourself from moving on by torturing and giving yourself false hope. I think it's important to remember: if they wanted to, they would


Focus on Yourself

Rather than focusing your energy on them, focus on yourself. Take this time to self-reflect, cry it out, treat yourself or take up a new hobby- try things that make you feel good. 


Listen to a fire playlist

Hey, it happens- unrequited love or feelings- way more common than we’d like. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the right songs can make you feel good.


Be open to other prospective suitors

Get out of the sidelines. Don’t sit around waiting and moping around for someone that just wasn’t right for you- go find someone who is. Just because they weren't able to appreciate you, doesn't mean someone else won't.  Many times we’ll try to find excuses “maybe it just wasn’t the right time,” to try to continue holding on to something we know isn’t going anywhere. You deserve someone who wants to be with you and shows it. Don’t waste your time investing emotional energy in someone who isn’t interested in investing as much as you are. I think the most important part of moving on, is deciding to move on