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Freshman College Advice From a Current Freshman

New in college? Here is some advice from a freshman

Starting a new chapter in college can be pretty rough. Especially with trying to make new friends, exploring a new environment, and learning new responsibilities. It is like we have to start all over. But in a good way…like a fresh start. Trying to get adjusted to this new routine of freedom isn’t as easy as it may seem. But just like everything, it comes with practice. Keep on reading for advice about how to get accustomed to the good life! 

  1. Remember why you are there. 

As fun as college is, it is important to keep your focus aligned. After all, you are investing a ton of money for your education. It is easy to put doing your homework last and wanting to hang out with friends. However, if you don’t pass the class you are setting yourself back severely. So the advice here is to hold off on those Netflix marathons and party fever until you are absolutely sure you can take the time out for having fun. Balance is key! So do your best to stay on top of your priorities. 

  1. Socialize while you can. 

College is no fun if you have no one to call in the middle of the night to help you with an assignment. It is quite easy to feel alone. Especially if you are new to the city. Although it may make you uncomfortable, communicate with people in your class or in the dining hall. You’d be surprised how those people will show up randomly at events and make you feel seen. Ultimately, making it fun when you go to the next home game or movie night. Communicating with other people on campus also allows you to make connections. People from all over the world are in the same environment as you are. You have nothing to lose by asking them what their major is and learning about the type of work they want to get into. 

  1. Make the best out of it. 

Because you are out on your own, it could be tempting to sleep in and stay confined to yourself. And that is okay at first but really taking that big jump will allow you to make the best out of your college experience. Build relationships with the people around you, go to as many events as you can, and put yourself out there by performing in a talent show or introducing yourself to a guest speaker. There is no perfect guide on how to do this. You just have to trust yourself and realize that this moment will not last forever. Opportunities are everywhere when it comes to college, so start now. It doesn’t matter that you are a freshman. If you wait until your sophomore year, then it will be 10x harder to know what you are actually attracted to. Make mistakes and take the chances to explore because this is the time to do it. Apply for that club and volunteer for that organization, it will open doors for you that you wouldn’t even have known existed unless you took the risk to just go for it. 

The freshman route is not linear and remember that this is your time to shine!

Hiya! My name is Kimora Miller and I am a Public Relations and Applied Communications major at FIU. I LOVE dance, fashion, acting, and eating healthy. Along with many other things like doing yoga and writing poetry. Spending time in nature is where I am happiest and I am super excited to be a writer for HerCampus.
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