A Fresh Start

As our year comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to reflect on all of our accomplishments, things we wish we did better, things we wish we did in general, and just take a look at all that has happened to us this past 2018. For most of us, it was generally a good year; a time for change and better things to come, so the hope is that 2019 will be similar, if not better. The good thing is, we can prepare for this coming year in a variety of forms to ensure we have the best possible 2019.


Deep clean your room, home, or apartment.

Any living space would benefit from a nice little detox and possible rearrangement in order to just get things going for the coming year. You can get rid of old clothing and make space for new ones and donate them to those in need. Rearrange some furniture around so you can get a different feel in your space. You may even dust around, vacuum, get new sheets on, wipe down counters, etc. All these steps will help make your space feel more open and cleaner so that you start your new year off fresh.


Spend time with family and friends.

Yes, you read that correctly. You spend a full year around family and friends, but there is no better time like the present to let those in your life know they mean a lot to you. The sad thing about life is that you never know when someone’s last day is, so it’s always important to keep those in your life close and always let them know they are loved and are special to you. A new year means changes will always happen, and though some people may not be in your life next year that are in your life now, keep them in your positive thoughts and wish them the best anyway.


Tie up loose ends.

When I say, “tie up loose ends”, I don’t mean it in the way mob movies mean it. I mean it in the sense of getting all the things done that you maybe didn’t finish this year. This could be that home improvement project you started this year but didn’t get around to finishing because other things got in the way. It could be that collection of journals you started writing and left behind because you forgot to do it. It could be filling out those habit trackers in your bullet journal that you’ve stopped doing. Finish all the things you started and didn’t get to complete, and end your year feeling accomplished and proud that you did it. 


Finally, let everything go.

In the spirit of a true queen, do as Elsa says, and let it go. All the negative energy that you felt this year, all the sad and crappy things that happened this year happened, and it’s time to reflect and move on. There’s no better feeling than going into a new year with a positive and fresh feeling in your heart knowing it’s a fresh start. Tell that negative friend in your life to hit the road, tell that negative significant other it's over and let them go. You deserve nothing but the best, and you deserve to start your year off with people who love you and want to give you all the positivity in the world. Let go, and let this year give you the best possible outcome that you could possibly have. The best way to let go, is to write on a piece of paper all the things you want to let go of and burn it after. 

                                                                                             (Photo by The Cut)


After all that, I hope you feel better prepared for this coming New Year and you have the most amazing year. Remember that you have control of everything and the power to have a wonderful year is all in your hands. Happy 2019!