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As most of us know, studying for finals can be very stressful. Especially for those who were traveling or staying home during the Thanksgiving break. But with focus and planning, students can overcome this part of college life.

Luckily, at Florida International University there are several resources that can assist you during these long exams.

  • Study groups
    • Gather a few people who are in the same course as you in a group. Together, write down key points discussed in and out of class. Analyze lessons further by completing checkpoint quizzes or study guides. In doing so, the group can discuss the section’s main takeaway.
  • Study rooms
    • Don’t know where to study? Aside from the library, reserving a study room is ideal for those looking to study with other students. However, make sure to secure your spot as it is on a first come first served basis.
  • Tutoring service
    • If you’re having trouble understanding a lesson or essay prompt, and want to seek additional assistance, visit FIU’s Center for Academic Success. The Center for Academic Success can be found at both main campuses.
  • Get rest
    • Not only is studying tiresome but so is taking the actual exam. Many of these exams range from one to two hours. It’s important you get enough sleep the night before to ensure you’re ready and prepared for these exams.

Don’t hesitate reaching out for help if you’re struggling academically or simply looking to improve your focus. Find your fit and scheduling on campus. Sure, finals week is exhausting! But on the bright side… minus t days until winter break has arrived. Good luck!

Samantha joined Her Campus in January 2022 and has continued as a writer. Based in Miami, Florida and is currently a Public Relations student at Florida International University. Favorite pastimes range from art and writing to music and traveling. Enjoys watching movies, going out, and watching sports games.