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In this modern era, fast fashion has strongly influenced the permanence of trends. Statement pieces come in as fast as they go out, since there is so little time between when pieces go viral, and the time when you get your hands on them. However, there are several trends that have proved worthy of surviving the Fall 2022 season, with high chances of staying relevant for Winter 2022. Here are 4 pieces that you should add to your wardrobe this Fall 2022 that will assure relevance throughout the season:

1.Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have been hot since the Summer of 2022 and they are here to stay for Fall 2022. The bigger the platform, the better. Think about the 2010’s Bratz dolls silhouette, where we can see a strong emphasis on the “big shoe” motion. Platform ankle boots are especially in, like The Cobra Leather Booties by Steve Madden. However, if you are more of a lower-shoe person, you can go for the Delco Box Loafers and style them with ankle tights like Hailey Bieber did while strolling through Manhattan.

2. Flare bottoms

We all know skin-tight bottoms have been dead since 2015, however, Fall 2022 is re-welcoming its cousin version: flare bottoms. There is a strong wave coming in for pants that are tight at the top, and bell-shaped at the bottom, re-emphasizing that Bratz doll look with platform shoes. Parachute pants are coming in hot, as well as flared jeans, even flared yoga pants. However, you have to make sure the flare starts below your knee to really get the elongated-leg look that is coming in with the Y2K aesthetic this Fall.

3. Cropped cardigans

Cardigans are not meant to keep you warm this Fall 2022, but rather one-up your outfit as a decoration piece. Loosely-knitted cardigans with flared sleeves are coming in strongly, re-emphasizing the flare at the extremities of the piece as we saw with the flare bottoms earlier. You can wear this over a skin-tight top as we saw during the Milan 2022 Fashion Week runways.

4. Earth tones

2020 was a big year for bright neon colors, as we saw with brands like Off-white or even Nike. However, this fall is all about muted colors, like earth tones and pastels. The most versatile colors this fall include brown (like chocolate brown, beige, or bone-white), and military green (anything in the camouflage hue). If you are more into brighter colors, like purple or pink, lean into the softer, milky-er versions of the colors, like lilac or pastel pink.

No matter what the trend is in the moment, fashion should always be about having fun while discovering and expressing yourself and your personality through your clothes. Always remember to dress as what makes you feel the most confident and comfortable, and treat your body as a canvas that deserves to be decorated with the coolest shapes, colors, and textures!

Junior pursuing a Marketing major and a Hospitality minor at FIU!