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Yes, Summer's almost over. 

1. Faux Leather Blazer

Think cute zoom meeting look but make it Fall. The faux leather blazer goes great on top of pretty much anything but looks perfect for transitioning when oversized and worn over a crop top. Wear it with jeans pretty much anywhere, oversized with tights under as a dress, or out out when we can finally go out (*make sure to save this article for next Fall*).

2. All the prep

Big shirt, little skirt. Collared shirts. Sweater vests. The faux-tennis-player look. The vibe has been everywhere for Spring and Summer and it is making its way into Fall. Any of these pieces are great for Fall work-from-home fits (as if we haven’t already been wearing sweatshirts for the past 6 months LOL), going on a stroll to pick up your coffee, or actually playing tennis. 

3. Trousers

The best alternative to wearing sweatpants for another four months. Trousers are a great piece to have in your closet because you can dress them up for work, even if most of the time you’re pairing them with your sneakers or boots. They’re great for covering food babies and keeping warm, but also having fun. Lots of stores carry them in fun prints and patterns- a staple for Fall is getting a pair with a plaid pattern. 

4. Color?! For Fall?!

It’s 2020. Everything’s a bit different and it seems as if everyone is having a little more fun with style, due to all the extra time we have to be creative and be inspired. So, it’s no surprise that color- purples, blues, pinks, yellows, greens (usually pastel tones)- is making its way from Spring and Summer into Fall. Some ways of incorporating it into your wardrobe are scrunchies, scarfs, sweaters, cardigans, socks, and shoulder bags (also so in this year). 

5. Oxfords/Loafers

This trend could easily be part of the preppy trend, but oxfords/loafers can be styled edgy, grungy, and laid back too, so it’s worth them getting their category. For Fall, any pair with a platform and in a dark hue- brown or black- could become a wardrobe staple. Tip: if you already own Dr. Marten’s boots, you can wear baggy pants with them and it’ll seem as if you’re wearing loafers.

6. Fun Nail Designs 

Similar to color, people are having a lot of fun with nail designs (safely). From yin and yang signs to butterflies to colorful French tips, the inspiration is endless. 

7. Groovy, baby

The 70s are… back? This year, we’ve had the 90s, Y2K, and it seems as if now the 70s will creep their way into 2020 through groovy prints and colors. Think mesh shirts with colorful groovy prints and colorful faux leather straight/wide-leg pants. This trend isn’t as prominent right now, but many predictions have been made in its favor. 


Tip: Lots, if not all, of these trends (minus the nail designs), can probably be found at thrift stores. Wear your mask and a pair of gloves and remember to wash and disinfect the items before wearing them. September is @oxfamgb’s #secondhandseptember and although we are not in the UK, it’s a great idea to encourage and practice sustainable shopping, upcycling and reusing. 

Daniela is a senior majoring in English Literature and Criminal Justice at Florida International University.
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