Explosive Packages Around Austin

As recently as Tuesday this past week, mysterious packages that were left around Austin, Texas exploded, injuring some and killing others. Early this Tuesday morning, a package at a FedEx warehouse exploded, causing one employee to hear ringing in her ears. Fortunately, no one was else was seriously injured. Sources say that a second device was found near the exploding package and that it had not been denonated. Investigators claim this second device could be key to figure out who the person that has been building these bombs and sending them is. Although the package did not explode in Austin, it is believed that the package was on its way to the city. This could also lead to a connection between this bombing and four others that have occurred in Texas this month. The Washington Post stated, “Authorities have not publicly said whether they believe this package was connected with the first four devices that detonated in Austin this month, which have police described as the work of a 'serial bomber.' But officials say they believe the Schertz bombs are related to the explosions in Austin.”

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The other explosive packages that were reported were left outside homes, placed so that homeowners would believe they’d received a package in the mail. However, once opened the package would explode. This gruesome behavior has resulted in the killing of a 39 year-old man, a 17 year-old and the injury of an elderly woman. All three received boxes on their doorsteps without stickers or labeling from USPS, FedEx or UPS. Investigators are unsure of why these individuals were targeted, but because of their race have not ruled out the idea of it being a string of hate crimes. To avoid further devastation, police suggest that if an unexpected, unlabeled package is found, the best thing to do would be to alert the authorities.

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