Erin Condren - The Life Planner Review

Do you have 700 things to do in a week but forget at least half of them by Wednesday? Sometimes being on that daily hustle, staying productive and planning to be the next Beyonce in your chosen field takes a toll on us mentally, emotionally and physically. Now we're not going to say that a planner will solve all your problems, but it could help. 

The Erin Condren Life Planner is the Cadillac of planners right now. There are tons of different covers to choose from as well as different ways to have them customized and tailored to you. The covers are interchangeable if you get bored and  want to mix things up, and you can add pictures! But one of the best parts about this planner is what's inside. These planner's can be customized to fit not just your schedule but how you best process your plans. You can choose to have our weeks laid out horizontally, vertically or hourly. If you are more of a note taker horizontally offers more room for bullet points and writing. Vertically also offers room for writing but much more condensed, and hourly is great for really getting down to the nitty gritty of your day and schedule by hour.

The layout is something that automatically comes with your planner, and you can choose a neutral palette or colorful palette for your pages. This planner goes even further by allowing you to add dashboards. Dashboards clip into the spiral spine of the planner. These dashboards are plastic and can be written on in dry erase markers. A dashboard can be a meal tracker, a to do list, an exam tracker, and more. There are many options when it comes to these, and the best part is that you can un-clip and move them around within the weeks and pages. This planner is a versatile, organizational heaven.

The possibilities of this planner are only limited to your imagination and your time of course! For more information on these planners visit