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Drake Films New Music Video In Miami

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Yes people, you read that title right. On February 5th,2018 Drake stopped by Miami to film his new music video for the song “Gods Plan”. He stop by Miami Senior High school, The University of Miami, and the Sabor Tropical Supermarket, but not only to film.

While filming in Miami Senior High, he  donated $25,000 to the school. Along with the donation hes having his clothing line company (OVO) design new uniforms for all of the students that attend the school.

His next stop was the University of Miami where he described it as the most “turnt” school that he has ever been to. The singer preformed outside of UM’s Frost school of music, while thousands of students gathered to hear him and sing a long. He was seen wearing a UM hoodie and throwing up the “U”. After his performance he also donated a $50,000 scholarship check to student Daniela Calderon.

Last but not least, Drake stopped by a Local Miami Supermarket where he took pictures with as many people as he could. As everyone gathered around him, aiming to get a glimpse of to Rapper, no one knew what was coming next. Drake announced on a megaphone that he was going to pay for every single persons groceries. Spending over $50,000 in total, fans were overwhelmed by Drakes kindness. @gmdeza on instagram posted a selfie with the star, with a caption that states, “ A real king went out and paid for everyone’s groceries in the store, all the while encouraging people to buy more. Be good and it’ll come right back around. So much love for this man and bless him 100 times over for his generosity.”

If this isn’t more of a reason to love him way more than we already do, than I don’t know what is. Thank You Drake for giving back to our community!

You can now watch his new music video here.