Ditch Your Go-To Tampon Brand

Many of us have our favorite and trusted go-to brand when it comes to our period. But have you ever thought about what is in your pads or tampons? Most of us haven’t.

But the question has left many women pondering and demanding answers because of allergic reactions and TSS arising from feminine products.


What is TSS?

Toxic Shock Syndrome is a life threatning bacterial infection casued by tampons, associated with the use of tampons. Complications of the infection include shock, renal failure and death. 


The leading big named brands in feminine products emit chemicals like chloromethane and chloroform which in high exposures can cause neurological effects. Some also have chlorine, dyes, pesticides and fragrances. All these products can lead to TSS and byproducts lead to dioxin. According to the World Health Organization, dioxin has been linked ot many health hazards and even cancer. But all the products in our pads, tampons and liners are not labeled because the Food and Drug Administration are approving them as medical devices and full disclosures are not required, according to CNN.

Recently, many women have been fed up and have taken it upon themselves to create a line of feminine products without chemicals. Such as, L. Their products are designed by women for women, based out of San Francisco.

P.S. For every pad, tampon or liner purchased L. donates a feminine product for a girl in need. Learn more about their movement here.


Other similar organic feminine products to choose from are:

Make the switch and stop wondering what products are in your feminine products. You have the power to avoid unnnecasry chemicals in your system.