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Did Inhaler just become one of our favorite bands to listen to?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Inhaler is a band that consists of four members that originate from Ireland. Elijah Hewson (singer and guitarist), Robert Keating (bassist), Josh Jenkinson (guitarist), and Ryan McMahon (drummer) make up the band. With their down to earth and relaxed demeaner, we have officially become a fan of the band and can’t get enough of their music.

The band Inhaler announced their album “It Won’t Always Be Like This” which has been set to release July 9, 2021. There latest album was ranked #1 in the UK and Ireland. We got to sit down and talk with the band and get to know them a bit more, and ask them how meaningful their latest album is and what may be their most anticipated song to play live. Not to our surprise, the song “slide out the window” was considered a great one to play live according to the band. The band members also mentioned that the song “Whose your money on” almost didn’t make it to the album, due to the song being “long”, but the band ended up keeping the song on the album which has garnered a total of “1,137,279” views on Spotify and a total of “109,113” views through YouTube. We are happy that they kept this amazing song for the album.

The band mentioned that the thing that made them proud of as a band the most was the album “It Won’t Always Be Like This”. In addition, the band member Elijah along with the rest of the band agreed that the song they most identified the most on this new album was “Whose Your Money on”. We were told that this song comes from a “real personal place, and wanted their lyrics to connect to people’s lives”. In our honest opinion, the whole album is amazing and we can’t wait to listen to it.

Kaitlin is a current senior majoring in Marketing '22.