Did Gigi Hadid Forget To Shave For A Photoshoot?

It is absolutely crazy to think that a human being like supermodel Gigi Hadid could have armpit hair. I mean it's not like she's just like one of us that her body isn't completely capable to grow out body hair every two to three days after shaving. Honestly, it's pretty surprising that a headline like this is even a headline. Why is it such a scandal for a twenty-two year old to rock her armpit hair? Our beloved Gigi Hadid who has basically owned almost every runway during fashion week has been the latest model to pose for LOVE magazine's 2017 advent calendar video series flaunting her perfectly toned abs, shadowboxing and hair-whipping the souls out of all of us who dared to watch her segment

It would have been pretty awesome to see Gigi rock her gorgeous armpit hair but alas like all good things in life, it must come to an end because the report was actually proven to be false establishing that it was in fact NOT her real body hair. It wasn't even anywhere near hair. According to the on-set makeup artist Hung Vanngo, it was actually just sweat and dirt mixed from the building they were filming in that made it seem like it was fresh armpit hair. A disappointment indeed for tons of women that came forward across social media to express their full support for Gigi rocking what supposedly was believed to be body hair.