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FIU has a wide array of classes that it offers, and since summer and fall registration are open, here are some classes to consider.

HFT 3066 – The Art and Science of Wine Making

This class provides a hands-on overview of the scientific principles and operation of craft wineries and winemaking technology. In short, you could learn about the science behind a bottle of wine, but you do have to be at least 21 to take the class.

ANT 3241 – Myth, Ritual, and Mysticism

This is the first class I took at FIU, and it was very interesting. This class takes an anthropological approach to the study of myth, ritual, and mysticism, as religious and symbolic systems. Taking this class will definitely help you learn more about different practices found around the world.

MAN 3100 – Happiness at Work

This course is not only interesting but I feel as if the information taught could help you in the future. This course emphasizes the physchological aspects of a meaningful, fulfilling, and thriving work life. However, this course is limited to a select few study pathways, so I would make sure before enrolling.

HFT 3864 – Introduction to Brewing Science

This class provides a hands-on overview of the scientific principles and operation of craft breweries, and microbrewery technology, similar to the art and science of wine making. Also similarly, you have to be at least 21 to enroll.

CCJ 3628 – Homicide

This class is a comprehensive study of homicide in the United States, this is done through individual case studies, typology construction, and models. I feel like this would be an interesting class to take especially if you are fascinated true crime.

I hope you consider adding some of these classes to your schedules!

Angel is a junior majoring in Political Science at Florida International University. After she graduates, she hopes to attend law school, later practicing criminal law. She enjoys politics, astrology, and the most random Netflix shows.