Celebrities Speaking Up On The Parkland Shooting

It's been getting harder and harder to see the news about the Parkland shooting, as it bring out many emotions and the horrible powerless feeling in most people. But this is a time to speak up, be strong and stand up with the MSD students that went through this traumatic experience and have been giving their all to advocate for a gun reform. There needs to be more exposure, support and participation from all on this issue for there to be a significant tangible change in our society. 

Many celebrities have spoken up on the tragedy and have expressed their sadness and indignation at the whole situation. One of the most recent one being Amal Clooney, feminist and human rights attorney, who took it to the Watermark Conference for Women to speak about the issue and praise the shooting survivors for their "braveness and eloquence" after the tragedy. Her and her husband, George Clooney, have donated the generous amount of 500k  to the students' March For Our Lives movement that will take place on March 23rd, 2018. Amal and George also confirmed they will be attending with their family to support the event.

Amal is just one of the powerful voices that make a big difference when it comes to giving the well-deserved exposure to the movement that students all over the U.S. are working towards. The inspiring 40-year-old said during an interview at the WCW that she is the one that's inspired by the efforts of the students. She said "I am just blown away by these students. I think they are doing an amazing job turning a tragedy into advocacy," in reference to their participation in March For Our Lives, and continued, "It’s only been a week since this happened and I’m in awe of how courageous they are and how effective they are. I would never have had the possession of mind or the courage at 16 years old, let alone having just gone through what they have, to be able to stand face to face with the president, a senator, the NRA, and answer those tough questions." She praised the students and survivors and put her whole support on them, as she believes they are the best hope for change at this moment.

Picture: E! News