The Carpe Diem Eco Project: Helping Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a beautiful country in Central America, known around the world for its eco-tourism and great coffee. Even though Nicaragua is a gorgeous country filled with rich landscapes, it is a third world country and many citizens struggle to make ends meet. During my recent trip to Nicaragua, I witnessed the poverty first hand. It broke my heart to see children on the street begging for food and selling crafts in order to support their families; However, I also noticed how many Europeans and Americans visit Nicaragua to participate in humanitarian work. One of the most interesting humanitarian programs I learned about on the trip is the Carpe Diem Eco Project.

The Carpe Diem Eco Project strives to improve Nicaragua by providing the community with resources needed to grow tourism, and educates locals on how to improve their way of life. One of the main goals of the Carpe Diem Eco Project is to create a non-profit ecolodge. The ecolodge will provide humanitarian groups with free lodging so that they can focus their funds on helping the people of Nicaragua. The lodge is located near the city of Leon, in a peninsula called Islas Los Brasiles.

If you’ve ever considered participating in a mission trip or any sort of humanitarian work, I recommend you check out the Carpe Diem Eco Project. Nicaragua is an amazing country filled with humble people who need all the help they can receive.

For more information on the Carpe Diem Eco Project, check out their website.