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Cafe Bea: Kendall’s hidden gem!

This relatively new little cafe in the heart of Kendall is a must visit! There is outside seating which is covered for shade and is surrounded by plants. Tables consist of wooden picnic tables and colorful chairs to give it that adorable little home patio feel. The inside is tiny but makes up for it in personality as the walls are covered by coffee inspired decor! All around you can find bicycle parts as well as flowers planted in anywhere from a cafetera to a watering can. The staff is very warm when greeting customers as they sit you at a table, it can be seen that the restaurant is mostly family employed. Your waitress will serve you some water into your cup from a huge empty lightbulb! 

The restaurant is known for serving food from Spain like tablas espanolas, huevos rotos, and croque madame. Yet there are a great variety of dishes to choose from as they also offer grilled skirt steak and salmon with mixed veggies. I personally went the least healthy route and decided to start off with huevos rotos, my waitress asked me exactly how I preferred my eggs cooked and came out with some runny eggs over my crispy french fries and topped with serrano ham and truffle oil. My first meal was so delish I knew I had to give the croquetas a try! Usually I go right for the ham croquetas but I decided to give the chorizo flavored ones a try after having them suggested by my waitress. These were paired perfectly with a cilantro side and cost only a dollar a croqueta! This cute little cafe has any egg dish you could think off available and also offers octopus, filet mignon, and lamb stew which pairs perfectly with any of their soups. 

The most intriguing item on the menu by far was their drinks as they offer a variety like lemonade, tea, green juice, cappuccino, malteada, mimosas, sangria, beers and wine! I opted for their cappuccino which I was delighted to find had a great cream base but I definitely want to stop back in to give their frozen mint lemonade a try. Next time you’re in the mood for casual and relaxed ambiance just stop in after 8 am to enjoy their free wifi and delish dishes!

Ana is currently a Junior studying marketing at Florida International University. Once she graduate she will be pursuing a career in brand management in the beauty industry. You can follow her on Instagram: @anmiax
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