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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Bikinis can be an addiction, especially for us Miami girls. We need a bikini every other weekend, or like in the case of my beautiful friend, Victoria, it’s a must to have a new swimsuit if you already posted THAT bikini on Instagram. But don’t worry, your wallet won’t hurt anymore. I got you some local and online stores where you can get the cutest bikinis for an affordable price.

Everyone’s top favorite, SHEIN.

Maybe you are tired of hearing about this store, but SHEIN has the best bikinis for the best prices. Literally half of my bikinis are from SHEIN and they never disappoint, but the only sad part is that they can take a long time to arrive. If your budget is under $20, definitely get some bikinis from here, and remember to always check out the reviews!

Cristalina Swimwear, located in Key Biscayne & Aventura

If you are a local, and you are more in favor of personally going to the store and trying it in there, well first of all, wear a mask! Then, go to my favorite Miami bikini heaven, Cristalina. They are located in Key Biscayne and Aventura. Prices may vary, but believe me it’s totally worth it! And if you’re a sucker for bikinis with a print, this is your place to be. One of the best things? Their swimsuits fit extremely well and I promise you will feel like the sexiest woman at Miami Beach with a Cristalina swimsuit. 

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ASOS Outlet

A big perk about ASOS Outlet, is that it not only is at a good price, but also the great quality these bikinis are made of. The best part is that ASOS Outlet is always up to date and they always have in season styles. You can find different kinds of bikinis from cute prints to bright colors to neutrals. There is a wide variety of bikinis under very good deals.

Last but never least, Boohoo

Boohoo has great deals, and best part is that they have student discounts, so you can get a very sexy swimsuit for no more than $35. You can find so many cool styles that you can mix & match, play with your styles, and enjoy the variety they offer. Boohoo really has a wide variety of bikinis for you to choose from!

Have fun this Spring Break! Remember to keep it nice and safe and I hope you enjoy your bikini shopping time! <3

Lisy is a writer at Her Campus in FIU, where she creates content across Her Campus and Florida International University. She is currently a junior with a major on International Relations and a minor in Communications. Lisy currently lives in Miami, but her heart will always be in her home country Honduras; she is a proud Alpha Chi Omega sister, along with that she currently is Recruitment Director in Model of United Nations FIU. She loves cooking, traveling, and loves going to cute spots around town.