The Biggest Announcements at the 2019 D23 Expo

The largest Disney fan event in the world, D23 Expo was held this past weekend in Anaheim California from August 23 to August 25, where huge announcements were released including new innovations coming to the Disney Parks, updates on the new streaming service Disney+, upcoming projects underway by the Walt Disney Company and exclusive sneak peaks at upcoming Disney films to release featuring dazzling celebrity appearances. The biannual event celebrates all the magic, wonder, and adventure of Disney under one roof and this year’s expo was one for the books. Here are the biggest announcements from the 2019 D23 Expo. 

1. Disney Parks News 

So many updates, changes, and new attractions are underway for various Disney Parks around the world, including Epcot at Walt Disney World. Bob Chapek, Chairman of Disney Parks released exciting updates about the new transformation coming to Epcot which will pay homage to Walt Disney. Chapek, announced that Epcot will now be broken down into four different neighborhoods; World Showcase, World Celebration, World Nature, and World Discovery.

Over at World Showcase, a brand new Mary Poppins inspired attraction will open to the public in Cherry Tree Lane, Epcot’s own version of the iconic cobblestone street like in the film. And although no details were provided as to what the attraction will entail or whether it will be a show or a ride, we can surely assume that it will be “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Another new attraction making its way to Epcot is Disney’s first-ever attraction inspired by the hit film “Moana” to be called “Journey of Water.” The new attraction will be created in World Nature and will allow guests to interact with magical living water which has a mind of its own in a beautiful lively setting.

Ready for another big one? Epcot’s anticipated Ratatouille attraction, “Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure” is confirmed to open in summer 2020 along with a new restaurant inspired by the film, “La Crêperie de Paris” coming to the France Pavilion. Another huge announcement was for Marvel fans when the news got out about a new Guardians of the Galaxy ride called “Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind”, a new thrilling family-friendly attraction that is underway at the World Discovery neighborhood, where it will feature the first reverse launch into space.

And for the grand finale… in celebration of Epcot’s new transformation, a new signature anthem is set to debut along with a new nighttime spectacular “HarmonioUS” which is confirmed to be the largest ever created for a Disney park.   

                                                            Cherry Tree Lane underway in Epcot

2. Disney+ Confirmed New Shows & Movies 

BREAKING NEWS: Lizzie McGuire is now back on our screens! The big news was announced on Friday, August 23, the first day of the expo by none other than the hit Disney Channel show’s star Hilary Duff. Duff revealed that she is reprising her role as Lizzie Mcguire when the series airs this November on Disney+. She revealed some exciting details about what fans can expect from the show which can all be found here

Also coming to Disney+ is the live-action adaption of Lady and the Tramp. Yes, you heard that right. The premiere trailer of the new live-action remake was presented at the Expo, completely captivating the audience’s heart. The new live-action film will recreate the timeless story of Rose and Monty as they embark on a romantic journey and come to understand the value of home. You can watch the exclusive trailer of the upcoming film here

Onto some Marvel news, four series and three new Marvel shows are set to stream on Disney+ this November. Marvel debuted the first look at its new animated series “What If…?” where it was confirmed that almost the entire cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will be lending their voices to the animated series. The upcoming series will spotlight various characters from the MCU and will consist of what would have happened if the events in the films had turned out differently. Another series was confirmed at the expo called “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” starring none other thant Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes). The new series will follow the events of Avengers: Endgame, in which Falcon and the Winter Soldier will team up. The series is set to release in Fall 2020.

Also following the events of Avengers: Endgame, will be the upcoming series “Loki” featuring fan-favorite villain, Loki, hence the title. The series is set to focus on Loki’s redemption and what he has in store next. Another huge surprise to the crowds at the expo was the announcement of “WandaVision” a new innovative series that will be half classic sitcom and half-full MCU spectacular starring Vision and Wanda Maximoff.

Star Wars fans ready for this? The first-ever Star Wars series “The Mandalorian” is confirmed to stream on the release date of Disney+, November 12. The official trailer for the upcoming series was presented at the Expo and received tons of positive feedback. You can have a first look at what’s to come in the series here. And the big cherry on top? Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige announced three new live-action series underway that will originate from the comics; Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight. 

                                                             Preview of Disney+ streaming service

3. New Projects and Collaborations 

Big announcement alert! During the last day of the D23 Expo, August 25, Disney announced its brand new exclusive partnership with Target. The two major companies are teaming up together for a project that will include the launch of 25 Disney stores within select Target stores nationwide beginning next month, on October 4. This new “shop within another shop” project will include more than 100 products that were previously only available at Disney retail stores. 

Speaking of more amazing projects underway… Cirque du Soleil is partnering with Walt Disney Animation Studios to bring its first-ever Disney-inspired one of a kind show to Disney Springs. The new show is set to include breathtaking choreography and visuals featuring various classic Disney themes and music. 

And last but not least… a brand new Marvel-inspired hotel will open to the public in New York, next summer in 2020 called “Disney’s Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel. The new project will celebrate 80 years of Marvel art and its artists. The big announcement at the D23 Expo this year included that the hotel will include one-of-a-kind themed suites featuring various favorite superheroes. Though that’s not all… guests will also be able to meet their favorite superheroes in a dedicated space within the hotel.