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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

         The time has finally come for all of you Riley Rose lovers to get what you’ve been asking for! Riley Rose officially rolled out their rewards program Thursday, April 4, at all of their locations. The program has been deemed the Beauty Vault, and will give shoppers the opportunity to collect points for all the shopping they do at the store.

         In the past year, Riley Rose just opened a few stores within the United States and at first didn’t have a rewards system in place for all the shoppers that were coming in. People began asking about a rewards program, but with the stores not knowing how to cater at first Riley Rose came out with the Rewards Card.  The card worked with a punch system, for every $20 you spent, you recieved a stamp. In total, you needed to collect 10 stamps in order to recieve $20 off your next purchase. This was available until the 31st of December 2018, so customers were wondering when and if a new program would be set in place to replace the old stamp card.

         Well, beauty lovers, Riley Rose heard you! The Beauty Vault will not feature a physical card, but will be on a look up basis. Clients will simply need to provide their first and last names, email, phone number, birthday and zip code. This will ensure you can get looked up in store or online through email or telephone, while also ensuring that they have only the important information to send you the right updates for your store locations.

         This time, for every dollar you spend you recieve a point. Each point accumulates into cash back rewards that you can use towards future purchases. There are also rewards for birthdays among other possibilities that Riley Rose will roll out alongside their program. You can sign up in store or online on your own time. For the weekend of the roll out, customers recieved 10 extra points just for signing up.

(photos from RileyRose.com)

With this rewards program rolling out, who knows what Riley Rose will do next for their loyal customers. Make sure you ask a Beauty Advisor about the program, and how you can sign up for free in store on your next visit!

Nicole is currently a senior at Florida International University studying English. She wants to become a full-time writer for a journalistic blog or company in the future, and hopes to publish a few novels along the way. Her truest of loves include Disney, Anime, music, her dogs, writing, and Harry Potter. She is a lover of makeup, and telling people's stories from their eyes and her experiences. She is currently a Beauty Advisor at Riley Rose part-time, and hopes to continue working alongside them in the future. You can follow her journey on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/nicoli0o/ and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/nicoli0o_