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‘Bachelor’ Contestant Was on a Missing Persons List

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Remember that one time your mom thought you were missing but you were just trying to find love on a reality TV show? Well, that is exactly what happened to the 22-year-old ‘Bachelor’ contestant, Rebekah Martinez, better known as Bekah M. 

On Nov. 18, her mom had reported her missing after not hearing from her since Nov. 12. On the same day she filed the reports, Bekah got in contact with her mom to reassure her she was alive and well. But apparently the investigators were not aware of that encounter until Dec. 12, when they emailed the mom to check up on the situation. Yet, investigators were not able to get in contact with Bekah. I guess they aren’t ‘Bachelor’ fans because real fans would know that the contestants have limited access to phones, as in they get them taken away before entering the mansion.

Because they couldn’t get in direct contact with Bekah, her name was still on the missing persons list. This is due to a procedure the deputies have to follow in order to confirm the person’s status. This created a lot of confusion, especially to the people that watch ‘The Bachelor’. Amy Bonner O’ Brien was the woman who identified Rebekah Martinez as Bekah M. from ‘The Bachelor’.  She saw her picture on a Facebook story from the North Coast Journal about 35 people who were reported missing in Humboldt County. O’Brien said it was her unique pixie cut that helped her recognize her. 

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Finally on Thursday, Feb. 1, Bekah returned the deputy’s call and she was removed from the system. Bekah took to twitter to address the situation saying: MOM. how many times do I have to tell you I don’t get cell service on ‘The Bachelor’.

Bekah M. wasn’t the only one that did not belong on that list. Apparently there were others who have been living a regular life and have been active on social media. They really should get that system updated, just saying. 

P.S. Don’t forget to tune to watch ‘The Bachelor’ every Monday on ABC at 8pm! 

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