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Australia Legalizes Same Sex Marriage…Or Did They?

As of November 15, 2017 the country of Australia has announced that the majority of their population has voted in favor of gay marriage, making them the twenty-fifth country to do so.  The news was announced after 61.6 percent of Australians mailed in their ballots voting ‘yes’ to same sex marriage. Celebrations were held with hundreds of people flooding the streets to wave their colorful flags and embrace their sexuality. Although many were thrilled at the news others were still resentful due to all of the long and hard efforts it has taken to achieve this basic right.

Despite all of the joy and excitement that is overflowing the country, what many still do not know is that the poll was just a poll- in other words nothing is actually legal until the Australian Parliament legislates a bill. The poll was in fact not even legally required in order to approve same sex marriage and stirred up much controversy as many people saw it as a waste of tax dollars. It has been said though that this poll has made it “almost certain” that Parliament will legislate a bill finally, but as the United States knows very well- you can never be too sure when it comes to politics. 


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