Apps That Will Plan Your Next Trip

As a Generation Z, I can attest to the fact that we are always looking for the next big thing, which in my case is where to take my next vacation. Personally I plan my trips around adventure filled activities that will help me destress from the day to day routine.

Now there is no reason as to why the actual planning of the trip should be any different and create any strain to the process. In this day and age there is no more need for a travel agent when you have an app at your fingertips that can do it for you!

Here are the four essential apps that will have your next vacation ready for you: 


Packing Pro

This app is exactly as it is named! Never forget an essential item for your trip ever again as this app creates a list of what should be in your suitcase depending on the duration of the trip, location you are traveling and what the weather will be like there upon arrival. It is a free app and will save you so much time; perfect for those spontaneous weekend getaways! 




I recently used this app when planning my 21st bday trip in Las Vegas and have been using it for a couple years now. You can pick in what area you want to reside in during your vacation, for how many people, and which amenities you are looking for to find your home for the weekend. This is a very useful app when looking for homes to stay within budget as you can compare prices depending on how far you are willing to stay. 




I can honestly say I check this app daily just imagining all the places that I could be flying to. Just search up the location of your next dream vacation and this app will draw up a calendar of how roundtrip prices will look for the next upcoming months. This can help you decide when it will be the most convenient and affordable for you to fly and through which airline. Set up the app notifications in order to know when airline ticket prices decrease and by when they will be increasing once again. 




You can take this app anywhere you go on your next vacation even if it is outside of the country! Find the local hot spots for food, national parks, museums, etc. You can find reviews, prices and images for all these places in order to create your itinerary before the day of your trip even arrives.